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18 Meter Nationals - Day 3 - Gang aft agley

Hi Race Fans,

In the face of lift hard-capped at 12K, blue and forecast booming conditions tomorrow, we opted for a 3 hour big-circle TAT to the north (where all the good conditions have been).

Pilot reports ran the gamut from "I really had trouble getting up" to "the first leg smoked - over 100 mph."  However, the boundary layer wind had increased from 12 kts from the south to 25 kts.

Competitors who went deep also went long.  The 3 hours turned into mostly 4 plus and stretched to 5. Everyone got home just as the lift quit about 18:30 although YO needed to motor a while.

7V cracked the code though, coming in 50 seconds under time (and devaluing the day 5 points as a result) at 83mph - 6mph faster than his closest competitor DJ.


Posted: 6/23/2011


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