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18 Meter Nationals - Day 1 - Not a Great Hobbs Day but

Hi Race Fans,

Today was cool - meaning that the high temp started with an "9" instead of a "1." With some uncertainty about how the heating would play out, the task committee (A8, 7K aka KS and me) decided to give folks a chance to work the high ground but also to deal with lower than forecast heating.

The choice was a 3.5 hr MAT with expected speed of 75ish.

As it turned out the temps were a bit shy of forecast, and those that went deep in the first turn were slowed down. P7 chose the opposite and went deep into the north turn where conditions were stronger.

The result was P7 took the day with 307 mi at 82 mph - not too shabby for a "not great" Hobbs day. No landouts.

The evening ended with a Lasagna dinner courtesy of LESS and a surprise chorus of Happy Birthday to yours truly.

Wednesday the chance of thunderstorms increases, so things may get a bit trickier.

Wish you were here.


Posted: 6/21/2011


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