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18 Meter Nationals - Practice Day 1 - The Wind Blew

Hi Race Fans,

It hasn't rained in Hobbs in 9 months, and it is DRY. The flights yesterday were truly amazing.  Cloudbase in Class A and lift over 10 kts. YO posted 452.6 miles at 100.3 mph on OLC. Unfortunately it has also become increasingly windy at the surface in the direct crosswind direction. We had hoped to grid early for the 1st practice day and launch before the wind picked up to take advantage of even stronger conditions than yesterday; but at 10:30 we had passed 20kts with gusts over 30 and sustaining.  After looking closely at Runway 21 a second time we still deemed it unsuitable for takeoffs, so reluctantly we cancelled the day but left open the option for pilots to fly individually if the wind abated (it hasn’t and they didn't).

On an optimistic note the wind forecast for tomorrow is currently improving from its original dismal outlook, and we’ll be ready.


Posted: 6/19/2011


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