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Moriarty Club/Modern Class Super Regional - June 17 - No Contest Day

We didn't end up flying today, although we did grid and wait to see if the strong westerly winds might die down a bit. That;s straight down the runway, but by mid-day they were 20-30 kts, at launch time it was gusting 34, and at 10,000 feet winds were 40 kts or more. One sniffer went up and got good climbs up to 10,000 feet but had trouble getting higher. It was decided to put the gliders away and call it a contest.

The winners were Mitch Hudson in Club Class and Dave Leonard in Modern Class. Congratulations!

With 35 gliders and more than 40 pilots (we had the US Air Force Academy soaring team with us), this super regional was the size of some national contests. 19 aircraft were in Club Class, 16 were in Modern Class. There's clearly alot of interest in Club Class out there!

We were lucky to have a great group of pilots and crew who worked well together to make things run very smoothly. Many pilots were new to contest flying, so it was a good chance for them to learn how this game is played. Many experienced pilots attended, too, some traveling from New York, California, Kansas, Texas, and Oregon to participate. Thanks to all who made their way to Moriarty to join the fun.

It looks like this will become an active contest site in the coming years. We certainly received a warm welcome from the airport, Sundance Aviation, the Albuquerque club, and the town. The Mayor runs the local hardware store, and when I stopped by to pick up some supplies, he commented at how he hopes we can make this an annual event.

Thank you to CD Mike Carris for asking me to serve as contest manager, to Rick Koehler, owner of Sundance Aviation for hosting, to George Applebay for letting us use the Southwest Soaring Museum as our meeting and meals place, and to everyone who volunteered to make this a great contest.

See you out on the road later this summer.


Posted: 6/18/2011


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