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Standard Class Nationals - Day 9 at the Standard Class Nationals

When we got to the airport, we found the tents and chairs in a big scramble from a major wind convergence of several large cells last night, with the campers reporting 40+ kt winds during the night. The porta-potties were turned on their side! The Chamber of Commerce was able to re-erect one tent, but the other two were DOA! The Septic tank company fixed the  potties, and we were back in business by 10:00 AM

Day 9 started with a windshift, making the "elephant walk" necessary--5000 ft to the other end of 5/23. The sniffer, Don Wasness (1E) was launched at trigger temperature, but nary a bump! He dumped water and still nothing!. After he landed, we waited but the temp remained stuck. 

Then--we got word that a large and intense storm was on the Ga-Ala border, about 90 miles away, headed right at us. Our Wx man, Ray, checked it out, verified it, and gave us the news. We had about 2-2.5 hr to us to get "in the box". 

Since we already had a good contest, we decided to cede this day to Mother Nature.  So--PG, Phil Gaisford, was declared The Winner. 16, David Greenhill, was awarded the Kubly trophy for the fastest speed.

After that, it was good-bys all around--a bit of a let down after days of intense activity.


Posted: 6/17/2011


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