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Moriarty Club/Modern Class Super Regional - Contest Day 3

The wind died down somewhat today. It was southwesterly at the surface to almost due west at altitude causing a convergence line. Pilots who found the convergence had it made. If you missed it, you had problems. In Club Class, the task was Las Vegas (20 mi), Gallinas Peak (15 mi) and a 3 hour minimum. In Modern, the task was Watrous (20 mi) and Lincoln Station (15 mi). Alot of people got stuck up north - some pilots spent a fair amount of time frustrated in the giant blue hole that opened up over much of the Las Vegas and Watrous turn areas. It required some careful thought to get in or out. An area of cloud over "tiger country" to the east of Moriarty ending up in blue conditions over both classes' southern tunrpoint.

A tired but mostly happy bunch enjoyed an enchilada dinner at the Southwest Soaring Museum, which is also the site of our daily meetings. Thanks to Bob Leonard and his helpers for setting up the museum for us and to George Applebay, museum founder, for allowing us to use this great space! Because this is only a five day contest, time is flying by. We only have two more days, and both look to be hot and flyable. Stay tuned and check the scoresheet to see how it all turns out!

Photos are being uploaded to the Albuquerque Soaring Association facebook page. If you want to watch us live, check out the webcam.

Posted: 6/15/2011


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