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Standard Class Nationals - Day 8 at the Standard Class Nationals

Hello again.....

CD Galloway was hoping for an AT, but late developing conditions would have him switching to a 226 mile/ 3.5 hr. TAT. N to Perry (10), SW to Dawson (20), SE to Adel (15) and home. With lighter winds, the conditions were pretty much the same as Day 7. Small clouds that were honest and thermals 7+++ or better. Plenty of blue gaps to cross and the 7000'+ climbs make easy work of it.

Bif Huss H-7 would do a repeat with another win at 74+mph, Baude Litt LBL 72+ and Chip Garner CG at 71+. Poor planning on ones part would find him home undertime and pay the price.

With one day to go, Phil Gaisford PG holds the lead by 68 pts. over CG. With the weather going soft tomorrow , anything can happen but these guys are pros and don't fluster easily.


Posted: 6/15/2011


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