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Moriarty Club/Modern Class Super Regional - Contest Days 1 2

The contest started off on Monday, June 13 with wind and heat. The task was a turn area task with the turnpoints Tierra de Dios (15 mi) and Corona (25 mi), 2.5 hour minimum time. The nominal distance was 155 mi. Pilots reported very chopped up lift, due to the wind, and a challenging day. A cirrus shelf spread across the first task leg as we started the launch. Some early starters went far east to stay ahead of the shadow, while others took later starts staying to the west of the cirrus shadow. In club class, the fastest two pilots were early starters who went east.

We have many pilots who have never competed before, as well as some who haven't competed in quite a while. It's great to see them getting excited about racing, even though their main goal is "not to land out" as we so often hear. Only three pilots landed out on the first day.

On Tuesday, June 14 (Day 2) the winds were from the northwest, which is unusal for Moriarty. The task was a TAT San Cristobal (15) , Palma (10), and Mountainair (15). Pilots reported everything from really great climbs to bad sink. The smoke from the forest fires wasn't a factor, but there were a few clouds (what? clouds?) to the north east of San Cristobal. Unfortunately, they weren't always indicative of good lift. We saw a GPS drop-out during grid time, but it did not affect pilots during the flight. We are not sure if it was related to the GPS testing that everyone has been watching for during the contest.

Just in case you are curious, we ended up with 19 club class ships and 16 modern class. One pilot remarked that it was the first time in a long time that they had seen more gliders without winglets than with on the grid. On the first morning of competition, George Applebay beamed with pride as he looked over to see Steve Leonard's Zuni ZS getting ready to race. (The Zuni was designed and built by Applebay himself, for those who aren't familiar).  Among the club class ships are a standard cirrus, an LS-1f, two LS-3s, a Libelle, as well as other club class ships. The modern class has drawn the usual range of current gliders, but has attracted many who are new to competition. This is consistent with what the Australians have seen regarding club class - it continually draws new pilots to both the club and sports classes, and it supports the value of older gliders. 

Thanks to a great local organization and to the willingness of the Air Force cadets to help with the launch, the contest has been running smoothly so far. Thank you to everyone who is giving so much time and energy to the contest including key leadership: CD - Mike Carriss, Ops - Robert Mudd, WX - Brian Resor,  Scoring - Stan Roeske, Chief Tow Pilot - Terry Bryan, Retrieve Office - Connie Buenafe. Sundance Aviation's Rick Kohler is our contest sponsor and is also competing in the race himself after a long hiatus from racing. Thanks to Rick for his hard work and hospitality.

More news soon,

Posted: 6/14/2011


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