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Standard Class Nationals - Day 7 at the Standard Class Nationals

Hello everyone.....

After a Marshmellow task yesterday, the CD decided to let the colts run with the wx. showing great on all the indicators. A 4 hr. 337 mi. TAT was fed into all the boxes and the gate opened at 1:25 with everyone heading out soon after. Bases climbed to over 7K by mid-afternoon and thermals 7 and better were found.

First south to Moultrie picking up clouds about half way down. A tailwind would set a good pace until turning left to the NE and 95 miles away would be Cochran. Blue skies would show up with only a few clouds along the way. A look at the clock and things would become a tag and go. SW to Dawson and long glides to thermal domes and wisp would be the norm. Left to Fitzgerald and the sky was beginning to go soft as the temp. started to drop. Most everyone would be 30 mins. or more overtime with Baude Litt 5:34 on course, landing at 7:20pm.

Bif Huss H7 would take the day with 72+mph followed by David Greenhill 16 5 mph slower. Phil Gaisford PG in 3rd. Today was all work to a 20kt crosswind landing. Marshmellows are nice once in a while. Yesterday everyone felt like Iron Man in his rocket suit. Today it was "Men at Work'. All would do a splended job.

Take a look at the Scores and task info. The best place to be was out on course!


Posted: 6/14/2011


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