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Standard Class Nationals - Day 6 at the Standard Class Nationals

Hello all,

Well the weather caught the CD and advisor off guard by 1 degree for the better sending bases to 9000'+ and thermals into the double digits. An Assigned Task with 5 pylons was called that would take everyone on a 203mile loop around Cordele. For the most part, the high clouds were on the west side and blue with a few wisp on the east. But strong lift was everywhere, sometimes 9+ and above.

Contest manager Dr. Hartley Falbaum was concerned with the ramp temp. reaching into the 100s before launch and with the CD agreeing, decided on a 3 hrs task for health concerns. We undercalled the task resulting in a devalued day since the winner was home in less than 3 hours.

But fly they did with David Greenhill 16 taking top honors at 81.56mph and two points behind is Chip Garner CG at 81.41. Guest David Springford in third with US pilot Erik Mann P3 79.38. A rocket day.

Three more days to go with the weather looking good. Check out the scores and task information.


Posted: 6/13/2011


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