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Moriarty Club/Modern Class Super Regional - Practice Day 2 - Windy

Greetings from Morirty, where we practiced rigging and de-rigging our ships today on the second practice day. The forecast was for south-southwesterly, we ended up seeing sustained 28, gusting 34. Another hot, dry day with dew points in the single digits. The day was officially cancelled, but those who did fly cross country (before towing operations were shut down due to wind) reported lift at 1900 fpm and having to "bail out" of said thermal at 17,500 ft. Others weren't as enthusiastic. Locals say that this type of weather should have been happening in March and April. But here we are. At least the smoke isn't that bad!

In any case, we expect more favorable weather as we start the contest tomorrow. Competitors and families enjoyed a dinner party thrown by the local Commemorative Air Force folks at their lovely hangar. It really is lovely - you should see it next time you are in Moriarty. Thanks for all of their hospitality! Afterward we held the safety meeting, and now we are off to get some rest for the first of our five blistering days of racing. I mean blisteringly fast and intense, but probably also blistering sunburn, to be honest. It is really hot and bright here! Looking forward to reporting on a flying day tomorrow.


Posted: 6/13/2011


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