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Standard Class Nationals - Day 5at the Standard Class Nationals

Greetings all...

The day was forecast to be good with chances of going blue in some quadrants a strong possibility. An Assigned Task NE to McCrea W to Montezuma SE to Tifton N to Rochelle was called for a distance of 238 miles. With the run up to McCrea looking bleak, it was decided to change the task to a TAT putting 15 miles around all with 5 around Rochelle with it being close to Cordele.

The weak conditions to McCrea claimed one victim but would improve for the return to the west. Running a little north of course would be better lift with climbs to 7000' and 6+++kts thermals. The clouds would start approaching the Montezuma ring allowing many to go to the back. Half way to Tifton the blue would start again with 'haze domes' helping to find lift. Long glides were reported before connecting with lift on the approach to Tifton and out. Rochelle was in the blue, but lift was to be had and the field made it home.

David Greenhill 16 would bump enough to get him 71+ mph on the day with Guest Baude Litt LBL claiming bragging rights in a tie. Both would get 1000 points. Phil Gaisford 2nd keeping his hold on 1st and Chip Garner  3rd.  Bases would get to 8000' in the north areas with a few 8kt thermals. Visibility was excellent for the first time, clear and a million.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is rest day and half the fleet (Region 5) have finish and heading home leaving the small Standard Class to spread out and take a couple of grid numbers. Rain chances increase next week but still promise 4 more days.

Henry Retting

Posted: 6/11/2011


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