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Standard Class Nationals - Day 4 at the Standard Class Nationals

Hello Race Fans,

With the wx. forecast to be the best yet, a 255mile AT was called south to Moultrie, NE to Vidalia and back west to Cordele. To some the weather was great and to others it felt like they were dragging anchor chains. Thermals were choppy down below 5000' along with bodacious sink. Bases 7000'+ and thermals as high as 8kts at 4pm. Most finishes at around 530-6pm.

Phil Gaisford PG would smoke the course at 74+ mph followed by Mike Smith XM and two guest, Baude Litt and Dave Springford tied for third. But since guest DON"T COUNT, let me give honorable mention to Todd Wichman XE taking third. Your author was 12th loser , give or take a number. I could not connect any dots and found more sink than lift (is that possible?). My filly has been a little hard  keeping her nose up lately.

Sidebar: A big hand to Hartley Falbaum, Contest Manager,  who does the job of many. Amazing calm with great wit to bring on the laughs. I ponder if this man has ever had an angry moment. As task advisor, CD Ray Galloway told me Vidalia has never been visited in a contest and I see why. I take the hit on that one. Rest day on Sunday.

Later Y'all,

Henry Retting 

Posted: 6/10/2011


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