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Standard Class Nationals - Day 3 Standard Class Nationals

Hello Everyone,

The great wx. continues with up to 8+ kts thermals to 7000' bases. A little hazy at times, but overall good vis. Many pilot were reporting frustrations locating thermals under dishonest clouds and it does seem the conditions are becoming a little more tricker. A few blue holes were on course and timing came into play a little.

A 3.5hr TAT was called and soon after the gate opened a 13:55, most everyone set out on course. The field got adjusted a little today with Chip Garner taking the win at 74+ mph. Check out the scores and click on the pink line at the bottom for the task and other information.

Sidebar notes: Rich Owens had a 4:12 TOC holding over the last turnpoint where patience was a virtue.....Baude Litt is cutting teeth on a new ??8000 glide instrument which at time makes him see a boat anchor...he did do a fantastic low banking finish over the trailers for all to enjoy yesterday...not to fast ..not to slow....and Jr Team member Boyd Wilat flew his fastest speed today of 71+mph, east of the Mississippi.

Tomorrow, R

Posted: 6/9/2011


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