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Standard Class Nationals - Day 2 at the Std. Class Nationals

Hello everyone...

TA will be handling Region 5 and I have been ask to fill in for him as he will be heading out on Saturday. As the scores show, we may be in for one exciting shootout.

Today's weather was showing to be both earily to start and good in all quadrants with the wind being light enough to kick off the thermals and no factor otherwise. Cu's would be plenty and CD Galloway was happy as punch to send the boys out on an Assigned Task. Trouble (always is) was things were not popping as planned and a 3hr. TAT was quickly and smoothly swapped. This allowed mother nature time to find the switch and things started cooking with most everyone out on course by 2:30.

Lift was a little better than yesterday with more 6's and above to be found to a rising cloud base of 7-8000' by 4pm. With 5 speeds in the low 70's and many in the upper 60's, not to shabby. Good soaring is shaping up thru the end of the week and beyond, so expect some excitement. Check out USA OLC for the pilots postings to see the task (Crisp County Airport).

The Chamber of Comm. put on their "Wednesday Night" Catfish dinner for the Soaring group as they always do along with the Crisp County Watermelon Queen herself. A real treat. Also, the US Junior World Team had a fund raising beer social  and will be heading to Germany this summer. How about sending the team a little bit. 

Henry Retting (R) 

Posted: 6/8/2011


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