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Region-6 North - No fly day at Ionia (again again)

The weather for our flight today was mild, with a high in the  80's.  Scattered clouds with bases from 5000-6000' msl, with climbs of 3-5kt expected.  The task was an  83 nm assigned task from Mifflin to Honey Grove to Raystown Dam LF (at the southern end of the Raystown Dam reservoir) and then back to Mifflin.  Five pilots (Dan Harder (DH), Paul Remde (PR), Frank Paynter (TA), Sean Fidler (F2) and Glenn Betzoldt (GB) started the task, and all finished with speeds in the 60's and 70's.  

Well, I may have failed to mention that the task was flown in Condor in the Mifflin scenery because the real-life contest day was winded out yet again.  CD Andy McQuigg made the call at the 10:00 morning meeting as tree branches, paper cups, and small children blew past the  hangar.  

Derek Mackie (TT) gave an excellent presentation on landouts, although he was little late on his timing, seeing as how we all landed out on Day 1.  Paul Remde of Cumulus Soaring gave a great presentation on the many new products on the soaring market, including several new navigation instruments and several new-design variometers.

After our Condor flight, we all gathered at the Corner Landings restuarant for dinner, beer, friendly lies and soaring movies.  Watching the Andes Grand Prix (for the 10th or 20th time) still gives me the shivers.  Those guys have to have nerves of steel to fly amongst all those mountains and other hard objects!

Weather forecast for tomorrow is for sunny and NO WIND!! Maybe we'll actually get a second day in for the FAI class and the first day for the Sports class.  Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned!


Posted: 6/1/2011


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