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Region 2 - Day cancelled at Mifflin

Today dawned overcast and windy, but at least we could see Jack's Mountain.  The bad news was that the weather forecast included a 60% chance of severe thunderstorms starting at noontime.  At the time of the morning meeting, the weatherman's forecast for wind direction and speed was such that new CD Pepe Sare called an 1.5hr  MAT in the hopes that we could get another Jack's Mountain day in before the bad  weather hit, this time on the 'front' side.

We assembled.  We gridded. We launched (well most of us did).  Initial sniffer reports were for ridge-height speeds in the 80's, but as the launch proceeded, it became evident that the wind was moving around more to the south, and ridge  speeds were degrading into the 60's, and a few pilots were finding themselves down on the lower shelf of the ridge.  Wisely, IMHO, CD Sare called the day, and all but a couple of hard-core pilots (W3 and SM) landed and put their gliders back in the boxes.

So, we gave it the old college try, but it was not to be.  We still have an official (although devalued) contest and Wednesday's weather still looks promising.  Stay tuned!


Posted: 5/24/2011


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