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Region 2 - Day cancelled at Mifflin

Woke this morning to light rain on the micr0-castle roof.  When I looked out my window toward Jack's Mountain, all I could see was mist - not even a hint of the ridge line.

At the 9:30 pilot's meeting, the winners talk for Sports class winner Adm Hank Nixon (K21) was given by back-seater Bill Hanson (the back-seater giving the talk has become the tradition for 2-seater teams).  This is Bill's first contest, and he is clearly enjoying the experience.  Bill did an excellent job with the talk, and had us all in stitches by describing his front-seater's failure to heed instructions ("Stay aloft!") on Day 1, and his success in following instructions on Day 2 ("follow the  ridge").

CD Jacquie Doherty cancelled the day as her last official act for this contest.  Unfortunately she has a real job, and as her vacation was scheduled for last week she won't be with us for the rest of the contest.

Activities for the  day at Mifflin include contest ID removal (Fred Winter's newly acquired Discus CS), weight and balance work (Richard Kellerman's ASG-29), rut repair (many places on the airport), and  drywall installation in the new (and beautiful) MSA clubhouse.

Dinner tonight at 6pm in the maintenance hangar, followed by a slide show created by Harris Hill soaring legend Kai Gertsen and presented by John Seymour (SM).  Kai is one of the grand masters of cross-country soaring and for decades was the main reason that Harris Hill had such a strong cross-country program.  Kai is unfortunately unable to present the show himself, as he is gravely ill.  I personally didn't have all that many opportunities to interact with Kai, but I tried to take full advantage of the ones I did.

Weatherman Richard Kellerman gave us the bad news about today, but did hold out some hope for tomorrow (Tuesday) and was optimistic that Wednesday would be flyable, and maybe even Thursday. We're not dead yet, so stay tuned!



Posted: 5/23/2011


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