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Sports Class Nationals - Practice days

Its a gray day here at Chilhowee, and the satellite loop shows more cloud cover coming in from the west - bummer.  When I looked at this a couple of days ago, I was convinced that coming down Saturday night was a smart move, as Sunday and Monday looked flyable - too bad the weather gods didn't agree ;-).

Oh well, at least I'll have plenty of time to get my micro camper set up and get contestants entered into the SPOT contest map.  Then I guess I'm going to have to wash and wax the floor of the camper, all 6 square feet of it ;-).  I have received a number of request for a description of or more information about my new micro-camper, so here are some pictures.


camper on the road



micro camper interior

Sarah Kelly-Arnold, Chilhowee's proprietor, has the field in great shape and ready to go.  In a move to make a somewhat small runway better suited to for large contest launches and mass landings, the glider trailer parking area is completely off the west side of the runway.  Gliders are assembled in the adjacent field and towed through an access lane to the grid, much like the 'back 40' behind the hangars at Perry.  All glider trailers have been moved out of the pole barn, and this area will be used for social activities.


Posted: 5/1/2011


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