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Region 9 - Pre-Contest Bulletin 3 - turnpoints

The Logan Turnpoints have been updated with many changes so all pilots will need the new turnpoint file available on the Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange:



Logan, Utah Control Points

Contest: 15 Meter Nationals, 2011

Dated: 27 March 2011



Change Log:

“27 Mar 11: Geneva elevation changed.

04 Mar 11: Hoytsville landing site added. Airspace updated to 10 March 2011 version.

20 Feb 11: FAA airports in the contest area added.

19 Feb 11: Diamond Peak, Heglar Peak, Putnam Mountain, and Thompson Peak added.   3-I Rocker Ranch, Baird Mountain, Camp Williams, Elko, Grasmere, I-L Ranch, J-Lazy-M Ranch, Llama Ranch, Matterhorn, Montello, Nephi, Oak Park Reservoir, Owyhee, Park Valley, Petan Ranch, Stevens-Crosby, Sundog, Timpangos, and Wendover removed.”


Posted: 4/25/2011


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