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15 Meter Nationals - Pre-Contest Bulletin 2

1.  Registration

Thanks to the Dynamic duo of Doug Easton and John Seaborn, You can now pay
for your registration with a credit card using PayPal!!!  HOORAY! There is a
$4.95 fee that is charged to the contest account.  Please consider
increasing your payment by this amount to help the organizers keep their
financial threads together.  I am undecided on how to recoup this loss when training other contest managers, so let me know your thoughts.  Both you and the organizer receive e-mail notices of the paypal account transaction, and
I will update your SSA website registration to show “documents received” and
the date of the Paypal payment.  You also receive an e-mail notice saying
that your purchase was shipped (sorry, still working on the no items to ship
invoice receipt).

Note: After sending you a map of the airport in the last bulletin, I found
that there will be some changes in where we tie-down and where we will
access enter the airport.  Seems that the Airport Authority of Logan cache
Valley Airport is hosting the Military testing of the Osprey Helicopter-Thingy. (neither man nor beast...neither plane not helicopter)
Before anyone gets “worked-up”.  We have worked- out so that everyone will be happy and safe.  Many Many thanks to Frank Paynter for alerting me to the
potential problems, so we could work it out!  (gotta love those navy guys!, right Tom?)

2.  Other things going on at the airport

The Osprey testing is going to take place at the extreme end of the
abandoned west runway.  We are going to move our tie-downs to the end of the
North/South runway and taxiway as marked on the map.  We are still going to
use the same runway taxiway at the opposite end for staging and launch.  The
Osprey will not be launched from the west end testing site, they will be
towed to the commercially active runway and launched from there (out of our
way, and us out of their rotor wash way).  The testing personal will notify
the contest personnel before they start the tow for launching.  They will
not be launching every day, and they will try to hold off their launches
until after ours.  I wish to thank the airport authority personnel, airport
manager, and FBO owner for their work on our behalf.  I would hate for the
airport to lose money, and their extra effort made us all able to work
together safely!

3.  Accommodations

I received a call from Traveland RV Park yesterday, and Cache Bridger RV
park.  They are starting to fill up for July and asked that you call as soon
as possible to make your reservations.  the Riverside RV Park is under
construction now, but should be open and taking reservations for the month
of July.  There is some major road construction in the area, and many
construction workers are filling up the RV parks for the summer.

Traveland RV Park - 2002 S State Highway 89, Logan, UT (435) 787-2020 ‎

Western RV Park -350 West 800 South, Logan, UT (435) 512-1494 ‎ - $25 per
night -full hookups- 11 spaces – back-in spaces

Cache Bridger RV Park - 75 East 2850 North, North Logan, UT (435) 554-8161 ‎
72 spaces – complete 50/30/20 amp – 44 sites are pull-thru  $38 a
nite –reserve in advance long term 15 days discount available.  Map with
sites available online cachebridgerrvpark.com or email to:

Riverside RV Park – (under construction) West 1700 S - Logan, Utah (435)
245-4469 ‎

4.  Entertainment and Restaurants

For your crews and families, here is a GREAT website with all the
attractions, shows, entertainment, and fun things to do in Logan during our
contest.  Logan is a GREAT college town and has every possible type of
family entertainment, restaurant, hotel and fun.  Also, I have it on great
authority that there is also hiking, horseback riding and the trails are

– Restaurants, lodging, attractions, recreation

5. Early Tows

Yes, there will be a couple of tow planes there for four days before the
contest.  Tim Taylor is arranging a special gathering of the best of the
best (previous champions) flying a few days before the contest.  This will
enable some of the best champions in our sport to familiarize themselves
with the ridges in Logan, and the Grand Tetons.  this will be great for
those that have never flown in Logan before.  I will be arriving a couple of
days early, in case those early arrivals would like to register for the
contest.  Just remember, you will NOT be covered under the contest insurance
before the first practice day.  Please make sure that you have your
insurance cards/paperwork available while at the Logan contest. Whether or
not you participate in the early flights, I will still need to see
verification of your insurance for myself before I can let you fly in the

6.  Other Aircraft Hangar space

Yes, there are a few hangar spaces available at the airport, however, please
check in with me or the FBO owner, Scott before bringing your jets or props.
Because Leading Edge Aviation is also renting part of their hangars to the
military for the Osprey.

7.  Reminders:

We must not, shall not, will not drive or tow gliders in front of the Utah
Jet Center.

We will remember to thank Mountain Air Helicopter School for their
graciously moving their radio traffic to the helicopter channel while we are there for the glider contest!

We will bow 3 times daily at the feet of the Leading Edge Aviation FBO for hosting us. They do a remarkable job, and they are our liaison with the airport.  They will also be doing our catering for the event.  they are really back by popular demand.  I will be arranging for the meals with them in the next few weeks.  I have had one request for a low-cost hamburger/hot dog meal for one night.  Any other requests?  As always at my contests, I will have a 1/2 priced child ticket, and little ones are free.  I also make arrangements for every meal to have a vegetarian choice.  (and chicken or fish  for Taylor Blackburn).

The FBO has  a fridge with sodas, ice creams, microwave meals and the like for SALE.  They are NOT free.  The FBO will set up an account for you in the office.  the FBO is not allowed to sell beer, and the state only has “near beer” avaliable.  I will be bringing beer from Arizona.  Please make sure to buy from the back of Charlie”Lite’s” van, so that I won’t have to bring any beer home with me.  I know that drinking beer is a tradition in the glider world, and it is the BEST way to recap your flight with everyone else at the end of the day,
so that is why I feel it is important to have it available.  Please be aware
that this process may be a slight bit shady with Utah Alcohol laws.  Do not leave the hangar while drinking beers purchased out of the back of our vehicle!  (shakily laughing about skirting laws)

8.  Financial Information:

As you know each pilot receives a copy of the profit/loss statement after each contest.  I have a budget already complete for the Nationals and Regionals.  If anyone wants a copy please let me know..however there are some notes for those of you that have never flown at my contests before:

All money paid for tows are paid in advance at registration.  You pay one tow per day (including practice day) at $55 per tow. You will be refunded for any tows not taken.   100% of Tow money goes to the Tow pilots.  Sniffer tows are paid by the contest organizers.  The contest also pays for the ferry fuel and accommodations for the pilots and out of town staff.

When the CD calls a 2500 foot tow for the day, there is an increase in the tow fee of $3.00 per higher elevation tow.  I keep daily track of the tows by tow pilot and by contestant, so if you have any questions, you can see me for the information.  At this particular site, the trigger temp is always delayed, and a higher tow can sometimes make the difference in starting times, especially for  longer national tasking. 

All meal tickets are increased only as much as necessary to accommodate the crew and tow pilot meal tickets.  For example, if I need $50 to cover the meals for the staff/tow pilots, then I would raise 50 pilots meal tickets by $1.00.

All T-shirts are sold at cost of shirts plus artwork divided by number of shirts.  Please help us by purchasing as many shirts as you can, so the contest organizers do not have to buy the leftovers!  That is why I work so hard to have GREAT designs, that everyone will WANT to purchase the shirts.
Does anybody want anything like cups, hats or USB thumb drives?  I can now get all of those things with our logos printed on them.

These are some of the ways that I am trying to hold costs down for the
contests.  The only way to ensure that there will be contest organizers in the future that wish to host contests is to make sure that they don’t lose money!  If you have any suggestions, please be sure to let me know.

Every year, I choose a worthwhile soaring charity to donate any of my
profits (half go to the club, and half to the organizers).  Last year, I
cleaned out my business account to donate to the US Team, and used the Soaring Court monies to go to the Bultman fund.  Please let me know if you wish any donations to go to any other charity.  There is a spot on the registration to donate to the US Team.  Don’t forget to take care of our team in any way you can.

Thanks...all for now.  I will post menu’s in the next bulletin.

Micki Minner

Contest Manager

Posted: 4/7/2011


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