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Seniors Championship - TA Report

Day 2 of the 2011 Seniors is in the bag, and we all had a pretty good time of it.  Weather seemed to be better to the south, so the CD called a 3-turn TAT; south to Myakka Head with a 15 mile radius, then ENE to Frostproof with a 20 mile radius, then NW to Blackwater Creek with a 20 mile radius, with a minimum time of 2:45.  Conditions started out weak and blue, but most pilots were getting just to the max altitude of 4000’ as the gate opened.  There was an initial trickle of starters, and then the flood gates opened as pilots started to worry about getting back home before the day died.  As we headed south we started to see little wisps of clouds, and by the time we got well into the first turn, the entire area had cu’s.  Ken Sorenson won the day with as very respectable 64.9mph raw / 57.52mph handicapped, Dick Butler was close behind in second place with 66.32mph raw / 56.86mph  handicapped, and  Karl Striedieck was third with 63.78mph raw / 56.45mph handicapped. 

Ken Sorenson commented that he started much later than he wanted as he couldn’t seem to find a good climb in the start cylinder.  By the time he did start, he found cu’s popping up in front of him on the entire first leg, allowing him to catch up to earlier starters.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

At the end of the day, our hosts held an impromptu dinner for pilots, using the leftovers from the previous day’s feast.  The beer and wine flowed freely, and so did the  hand-waving and pilot talk.

Counting the practice day, we have now had three good days of soaring, with hopefully more to come.  Tomorrow we hope to see more of those puffy white things, and then we will have the mandatory rest day on Wednesday.


Posted: 3/14/2011


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