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15 Meter Nationals - Pre Contest - Bulletin 1

Photo #7120 | 15M Nationals LoganWelcome to the 15 Meter Nationals. This is Bulletin number 1, future bulletins will outline the facilities at the location, the facilities within the town of Logan, and any other information that needs to be distributed. If you have any questions, or need any information, please contact me at Mickiminner@msn.com, and I will either address it singularly or in the next bulletin.

The Regional contest to be held at the same time will have it’s practice day on 7/17, and your practice days will be the 17th and 18th. We will be holding the mandatory pilots meeting twice, in case some pilots do not show up for the practice day. Probably (still planning) the 17th AND the 18th. there will be a few tows available before the practice days. I will confirm and let you know when the tow pilots will be available if you wish to arrive at the contest site early. I will have the tie-down assignment sign-up sheet available at the tie-down ramp area starting on the 16th. There is PLENTY of room for tie-downs. The airport graciously gave us an entire abandoned runway for tie-down spots. There are no chains or rebar, you will need to bring your own. The way to the grid from the tie-down is all paved, and there are not enough golf carts around to ferry your ships, so please Also remember to bring what tow equipment you will need.

The Logan Cache Valley Airport has security clearance for the airport employees, and we will not be given the codes to enter the airport in the business area. If you review the map, you will see the West End Gate, and the Ramp/Tie-Down areas. The west end gate will be opened every morning around 7am, and closed again every night usually around 7-8pm. That is the area where the contestants will have access to the airport. When you are moving your ships to the grid, you need to go “around” the Utah Jet Center as shown on the map.

The pilot briefings and contest gatherings will be in the Hangar of the FBO, Leading Edge Aviation. Leading Edge Aviation has access outside of the main gate to the airport. If you review the map, you will see a back door with some parking available in back of the hangar for Leading Edge Aviation. If you pull into the paved parking lot to the side of the Leading Edge Aviation (instead of the back door), you will have to go through their offices to get to the hangar. Please limit your traipsing through the office as much as possible. The Employees and staff of Leading Edge Aviation will be working with their normal business as well as hosting our contest.

The registration will be in the Hangar starting on the 16th of July. Each contestant will need to bring a copy of their insurance to verify that it is still valid for the length of the contest. Even though the on-line registration shows whether or not you have valid insurance, I require actually seeing the policy again at registration. If you have any other information that lapses before the contest, I will notify you via e-mail. i.e., SSA membership or pilots license. All the other information I need is available from your on-line registration. We will be subscribing to Hawke Tracking to be shown during the day, so bring your SPOT trackers if you have them.

Since all of you are the “nationals” qualified pilots, I have a small favor to ask. If any of you would be willing to hold a 15-20 minute class on any subject of competition soaring, PLEASE let me know. At all regionals, I hold a class every morning before the pilots briefing. I have already gotten one of you to offer, and those of you in this contest are the BEST that soaring competition has to offer. I am hoping that the regional pilots can gain some knowledge from your experience. I also have all of Doug Jacob’s training materials, if you wish to use or re-use any of the presentation materials. At my regional contests, this is the number one request I receive, to please have the classes in the morning.

Another thing that I do at my contests, is I give a lot of historical soaring memorabilia as daily prizes. If any winner so desires, a request has been made by the National Soaring Museum and/or Southwest Soaring Museum for any donations and are GLADLY accepted.

Weatherman: Mike the Strike (familiar with Utah) and Lynn Alley (turnpoint website, and Local owner of Morgan, Utah gliderport)
Scorer: Ron Gleason
CD: Charlie”Lite” Minner
Sniffers: Tim McAllister and Mike the Strike
Line Crew Chief: Barbara Smith
Official videographer: Bruno Vassel
media contact: Susan McAllister
Youth Sponsor: Sarah McAllister 

Tow Pilots:
Chief, Bob Lynn – also Safety Officer and TFR info point
Stan McGrew – Local Tow Pilot and smoke jumper pilot
Jeff Campbell-Utah Tow pilot and Omarama pilot during winter
Harry Smith – Arizona Tow Pilot and familiar with Utah
Kim Hall – local tow pilot and FBO Mechanic
Scott Weaver – local tow pilot and FBO Owner 

Local Club Hosts: Logan Cache-Valley Soaring Association
Participating Members: Tim Taylor, Dan Wrobel, Ron Gleason, and Bruno Vassel (to name a few) 

Micki Minner
Contest Manager

Posted: 2/23/2011


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