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Region 4 North - Saturday Report - No Contest Day

Region 4 North, Fairfield PA
Saturday 16 October 2010 – No Contest Day

It’s a great ridge day out there (rumor has it that pilots are attempting record runs from other airports). The wind is too strong for a safe launch here at the field, though, so John canceled the day.

Winners are…15m/Standard: Baude Litt [LBL], 18m:Tim Welles [W3], and Sports: Team AC (Moe Acee & Leigh Smith).

As always, it takes a lot of people on the ground to make the contest work…CM: Preston Burch; Deputy CM & Operations: Bob Jackson; CD: John Seymour; Weather: Baude Litt and Ward Hindman; Scorer: Leo Buckley; Advisors: Baude Litt, Frank Paynter, Tim Welles, Rich Horigan; Tow Pilots: Jim Chick, Leonard Walker, Butch Thompson, John Noss, John Machamer, Dave Pixton; Sniffer: Danny Brotto; Launch: Keith Jackson, Lori McCarron, Dave Hampton, Tracey Schmelyun, Mike Higgins, Iris Striedieck, the Navy midshipmen, other M-ASA club members; Roll Times: Debbie Hampton; Start Times: Linda Murray; Retrieve: Pat Buckley; Registration: Martha Burch; Dinners/Lunches: Joan Jackson; Appetizers: Pat Buckley; Banquet: Sharon Pixton. Thanks, everyone, for all your hard work and another good contest!

Janine Acee (SM Ground)

Posted: 10/16/2010


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