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Region 4 North - Contest Day 2 Report

Region 4 North, Fairfield PA
Wednesday 13 October 2010 – Contest Day 2 (18m & 15m/Standard), No Contest Day (Sports)

Today was a low, slow, blue day. We are under the influence of a high pressure system and an inversion kept a lid on what thermals could be found.

A 2 1/2 hr (18m) and 2 hr (15m/Std/Sports) MAT was set up to keep pilots in the flats, as the thinking was that it would not be safe to send pilots over the high ground: Taneytown, Frederick, Union Bridge, Lake Heritage Dam, Hanover Quarry, and return.

Most thermals were very weak. Some were lucky enough to find an occasional 3-3.5 knotter and get to 3000-3500. But generally speaking, most of the flying occurred below tow height. There was better lift to be found in the high ground, but that was out of the way of the task, so not particularly useful. There were many relights and pilots who never went out on task. Those who did go got no further than the third turnpoint & change.

The Sports Class was not able to get a day in, but the 15m/Std and 18m Classes did. Erik Nelson [5E] and John Murray [LX] came in first in each class with "rocket" speeds of 29.27 and 24.10 mph, respectively. Phil Jones [2PJ] flew the furthest in the Sports Class with a handicapped distance of 15.10 miles.

Janine Acee (SM Ground)

Posted: 10/13/2010


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