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Region 4 North - Contest Day 1 Report

Region 4 North, Fairfield PA
Tuesday 12 October 2010 – Contest Day 1

It rained overnight, but the air was decidedly drier and “fresher” this morning. The forecast was for temps in the low 70s, cu averaging 2-3kts to 5000’, NNW winds. We expected an early start to the day and gridded at 11:30. But the weather didn’t perc as quickly as originally thought so the launch did not begin until shortly after 1pm.

The task, a 2 hr TAT to Roxbury, Lockings, and return (with 15 mile circles on both turns) took the pilots over the high ground to the west of Fairfield and on the ridge.

Thermal heights and strengths were pretty much as advertised. The fast guys used cloud streets to reach the ridge in little over a half hour and ran the ridge at 80-100 kts to the far end of the circles (Thompsontown and Potomac). If you went all the way down to Potomac it was a little dicey getting back as the big cu down there provided nothing useful. Baude Litt had a below-the-ridge-top save south of the Potomac River.

The air got progressively drier toward the end of the day and the cus died early. Most of the landouts occurred in the Waynesboro area, some on the way out but most struggling to get back over High Rocks later in the day. It should be noted that the CD remembered to leave the ridge by 4pm this time and made it back to record the fastest speed for his class! (Recall that last year he didn’t listen to his own advice and treated his crew to a night retrieve.)

Unfortunately, five pilots penetrated one of the two 1-mile restricted areas (the ammo depots) near Chambersburg, thus the administrative penalties you see on the score sheet.

Baude Litt [LBL] took the combined 15m/Standard Class with a handicapped 65.73 mph over 145 miles. Tim Welles [W3] won the 18m with a speed/distance of 58.77/149. Karl Striedieck [KS] topped the Sports Class with a handicapped speed of 50.00 mph speed over 101 miles.

Tonight there was another meal at the airport: Pat’s appetizers (including those yummy spinach-cheese bites she debuted at New Castle last month), the Litt’s Belgian Beer Bar, Chicken-on-a-YuenglingBeer, and the annual visit of the Antietam Dairy ice cream truck.

Janine Acee (SM Ground)

Posted: 10/12/2010


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