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Region 4 North - Monday Report - No Contest Day

Region 4 North, Fairfield PA
Monday 11 October 2010 – No Contest Day

“It may end before it starts” [W3 - Tim Welles]

Today we were plagued with the same inversion as yesterday. The hope was if the high clouds stayed away and the temperature reached 80, the inversion would break and we would have some soarable conditions. (Early on, there was the threat of late afternoon “blow-up” and severe isolated thunderstorms, but that threat never materialized.)

The CD and advisors originally came up with three tasks to cover all the bases and stay within the expected 1-2 hour window of opportunity: Task A – TAT over the high ground if the wx broke our way, Task B – a shorter TAT staying in the valley, and Task C – dump task (unrestricted MAT). We gridded at noon and waited for the best time to start. There was significant altocu and cirrus and we couldn’t quite reach trigger locally, but there was more sun to the south and airports in that direction were reporting temps in the low 80s. So while the sniffer was launched at 1:15, the CD and advisors came up with a fourth, more southerly-oriented task: a 2 hr (1 ½ for Sports) MAT with Union Bridge the only required turnpoint. Within a half hour, Danny was reporting he was at 5000’ in wave near Emmitsburg, so the launch began at 1:45 and all classes’ tasks were opened without delay.

It ended up that the only serious source of lift was the wave near Emmitsburg. Pilots who could connect with it were able to make it to the first turnpoint. Most were not so lucky and we had more relights - and multiple relights - than we could count. (Our short-staffed line crew deserves major kudos as they were worked hard today.) Over half of the pilots came back to the field and there were several land outs. No one made minimum distance, but Tim Welles [W3] had the longest attempt of 48.1 miles.

Ward Hindman, our regular weatherman for this contest, is unable to attend this year. But he has been briefing John in the evenings and mornings as well providing wx summaries for the daily task sheet. Baude Litt [LBL] stepped in to provide the briefing during the morning pilot’s meeting. We all practice our French every morning as we greet our Belgian weatherman with a cheery “Bonjour!” and “Çava?” Today Baude announced that he and his lovely wife Christiane are celebrating 30 yrs of marriage. He said he hoped for 30 more and everyone who knows them wishes them the same!

Janine Acee (SM Ground)

Posted: 10/11/2010


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