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Region 4 North - Sunday Report - No Contest Day

Region 4 North, Fairfield PA
Sunday 10 October 2010 – No Contest Day

We are under the influence of a high pressure system - can you say inversion? - and stationary front. Today was another beautiful fall day, but soaring conditions were forecasted to be weaker than yesterday. Expecting a late start to the day, we gridded and launched sniffers Danny Brotto [P6] and Kolie Lombard [KL] around 1:00. They hugged the ski hill for close to an hour, relighted, and were sent up again, only to do the same thing. The air was smooth.

2:30 was the latest we could start the launch and still hope to get a contest day in, so the combined 15m/Standard class was launched as a final effort. But the weather never did pop and no one got above tow height. John cancelled the day at 3:00. Several pilots flew for fun, and a friendly game of “last man down” was on, with the CD declaring victory.

Tonight we enjoyed some of Pat Buckley’s yummy appetizers and a delicious Italian Dinner at the airport.

I want to mention that the Nelson family reached a major milestone Saturday when Erik [5E] took 4 year old daughter Tenley up for her first glider ride! Tenley reported that Daddy did a really good job flying and she wants to go up again soon. Maybe the beginning of a third-generation pilot?!

Janine Acee (SM Ground)

Posted: 10/10/2010


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