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Region 4 South - Day 5 Report



Day 5, 25 Sep 10 Region 4S New Castle


The Region 4 South contest at New Castle, VA is now history. The winners in each of the classes are John Murray (LX) in the 18m, Karl Striedieck (KS) in the 15m and John Good (X) in the Standard Class. It was an interesting day and each of the winners had to defend their positions with both thermal and ridge flying. The 9:00am weather briefing from Ray Galloway forecast thermals to 7000ft and winds at 15- 20kts from 280deg at cruising altitudes. The task advisors and CD selected a two hour Assigned Area Task with 20mi radius turn points to the Southwest and Northeast of New Castle and a five mile radius turn point back to the Southwest. The task could be flown with pure thermal or a combination of ridge and thermal. The fast guys used both ridge and thermal and almost maxed out distance within the circles, another case of the CD almost under calling the task. The top speeds for pilots using both ridge and thermals were in the 75 mph range with the pure thermal pilots in the 50 mph range. It is no secret if the ridge is working at New Castle you have to work it to your advantage to get a top speed finish. Of course the risk of land out is often elevated with this strategy.


Baude Litt (LBL) starting the day in second place behind John Murray (LX) pushed the ridge just a little to hard in attempting to catch John and landed out in the Covington Valley area.  In the standard class Henry Retting (R) was only 54 points behind ridge runner John Good (X).  Henry originating from South Florida is a flatlander and elected to fly the task with thermals while John being a national level ridge runner let down on the ridge early on and posted the winning Standard Class speed for the day. In the 15m class both of the two top pilots Karl Striedieck (KS) and Hank Nixon (UH) flew both ridge and thermal and posted speeds within 0.07 of each other with Karl winning the day and contest with the fastest speed of the day 75.37mph.


Without exception every pilot at Region 4 South had a wonderful week of competition soaring at New Castle. There is no way we pilots can ever give enough thanks to the Frantz family and the Blue Ridge Soaring Society for hosting this 29th  (I think) consecutive soaring contest in New Castle.


Dick Butler, CD

Posted: 9/25/2010


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