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Region V West - Day 4 Report

This retired journalist is having trouble choosing a lede for this report. I’m not sure whether the most important point is who won the first Regional at Chilhowee or how good the smoked brisket was. It really was a good dinner.

Anyway, our leader Tim McGowin landed out in a field which allowed Robin Clark (that’s me) to win the day and the contest.

Frank Paynter drove back from Ohio for the last day and raced hard to move into second place. Wally Berry took a relight and flew around late in the day, but came in a strong second and finished third for the contest.

Francois Pin had called a two-turnpoint task with a north start. We went down to Dalton, with a 10-mile cylinder, and then north to Monroe with a 15 mile cylinder. The course from the ridge to Dalton had scruffy cu and mostly lousy climbs with thermals torn up by 17 knots of wind. But there were some good thermals too and some streeting  between the wispys.

Clark went just past the turnpoint and worked his way back to the ridge. McGowin went to the back of the cylinder and got back, but somewhere around the Georgia line, he couldn’t connect and landed.

Clark ignored the valley and went to the ridge, which was blue but peppered with climbs.  Out in the last cylinder was a line of cu with good climbs for the final glide.

Sarah has established Chilhowee as a great site for a regional. Francois Pin did a wonderful job as CD. Completely unflappable.

Next for Chilhowee is Oktoberfest, a celebration of soaring and the people in the sport, with music, food and fun for three days beginning October 15.

Then next May is the big event. The Sports Class Nationals will be here in May. There may well be 60 pilots here to tackle the ridges and see who will be selected for the US Team in the Club Class.

Robin Clark “RF”

Posted: 9/12/2010


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