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Region V West - Day 3 Report

Frank Paynter must have been bored. He woke up to another cool morning and his forecast for soaring was the same as the previous two days –  light winds, a monotonous blue sky and 4 knots of lift. And once again he was right on target. He should be. Frank doesn’t often do the weather but he does do a lot of flying. This is his 10th contest this year. Fairfield will be the 11th. He flew both the sports class nationals at Parowan and the 15 meter nationals at Uvalde.

The reliable weather here has resulted in some tight racing. Tim McGowin and Robin Clark are within three points of each other after three days. Tim keeps reporting 7,000 foot climbs that only he and Wally Berry seem to find. Robin and Tim have fought it out in sports class before, but that was at Cordele and the turnpoints were logged with cameras.

The morning meeting started with a round of applause for dinner Francois Pin prepared Sunday evening.

Knowing that most of the pilots wanted to drive home after flying, Francois kept everyone pretty close to home and left out the gear changing terrain.  The task went south to Pratermill with a 10-mile circle and north to the Lookout Tower on the ridge, then west to Club Haven and back south to Hardwick.

Some climbs in the valley only went to 4,500 msl.  Like the day before, there were some patches of sink that baffled everyone. The high ground was the place to be. There was a house thermal on the home ridge that yielded 7-knot climbs out of the start and another 7 on the second leg.

The first three days of the split contest have turned out nicely and we already know that we’ve got a contest in. The first regional at Chilhowee is in. Now we have to wait for the weekend to see who will win.

Robin Clark “RF”

Posted: 9/6/2010


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