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15 Meter Nationals - Aug 2 Report

2010 15-Meter National Soaring Championships – Uvalde, TX

Report for 2 August


Weather for the final practice day continued a recent southwest Texas trend of hot and entirely blue.  The endless carpet of cumulus clouds for which Uvalde has become famous has not been seen in recent days.


This is something of a burden on pilots here.  At Uvalde you expect to be uncomfortable on the ground, but shortly after launch you should be far above the ground and disporting yourself in cool air and shade under broad-shouldered and reliable cumulus clouds that extend to the horizon in all directions.  Hours later you depart cloudbase for an 80-mile final glide with a dwindling sun on your left.


But this year has presented some unusual weather:  Abnormal amounts of rain have given way to air so dry that no clouds are seen (though not dry enough to give much comfort to those on the ground).  Lift and heights today were reasonably good (3 – 4 kts to 5000’ AGL) but it’s fair to say this is well short of what most bargained on.


Current forecasts call for several more days of this.  We may have some parboiled pilots before this is done. 

Posted: 8/2/2010


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