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Central Texas Region 10 - Day 5 Report

Pilots were excited about better weather and operations went smoothly.  Again, the four tow planes launched the contestants in just over an hour.  Thomas McKnight, 67, won the day in Sports Class with a full 1000 points.  He told me that he went further into the cylinders and it was a good but challenging day.  In FAI class, Andre De Baghy, AB, won the day with his HPH.  A very unusual circumstances in the weather allowed Gonzalo Echeverry, EE, to find wave conditions.

Here is a unique perspective from one of the tow pilots, Greg Squires: Tow Pilots Perspective

A fellow FLF member, Mark Augustine, took pictures and they are available here:  Mark's Pictures

Here are my pictures including those from the Llano cookout were I helped cook 60 burgers and several pounds of local sausage:  Day 6 Pictures

Also, I will be posting the best of SSA Region 10 Soaring Contest in Llano, TX pictures here:  Best of SSA Region 10 in Llano, TX

Elizabeth Quintanilla

Posted: 7/31/2010


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