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Central Texas Region 10 - Day 4 Report

Pilots were happy to fly an actual Contest Day today!  There was a lot of excitement on the grid and operations went smoothly.  The four tow planes launched the contestants in just over an hour.  Gonzalo Echevvery (EE) won the day in Sports Class and Dick Mockler (BL) won FAI class.  

Here are quotes from the contestant pilot perspective:

“I’ll take a blue day with ceilings of 6000 feet over 4000 feet with rain showers” – Andrew Peters – 3T

“It was a fun and challenging day.”  - Keith Miller – AJ

Then I tagged along for the retrieve of 7UP.  He picked a really large field with hay and landed safely.   Here is his quote:

“It was a challenging day and the inversion made the thermals really choppy between 3500 and 5000 feet.   There were a couple of strong thermals that could take you above the inversion.”  - Thomas Ciesielski – 7UP

Check out pictures here including aerial shots of all the sailplanes on the grid:  Day 4 Photos 

Also, I will be posting the best of SSA Region 10 Soaring Contest in Llano, TX pictures here:  Best of Region 10 Photos   

Elizabeth Quintanilla

Posted: 7/30/2010


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