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Central Texas Region 10 - Day 3 Report

Contest Day 3

Pilots were eager to fly this morning but were concerned about the weather.  We assembled, got on the grid, and launched.  However, the Contest Director cancelled the task today.  

“Good call cancelling day – Rain in all directions including task direction.  Cloud base was too low to hop between thermals.   So came back home.”  Dick Mockler - BL

“Could have had a task in.  I was half way to Mason, TX but could see spectacular rainstorms.  Still not a bad idea to call off the task today.”  Ron Leonard – 4A

“Very happy to claw my way up a thermal that saved me from landing in the same field as 3T.   Got 13 miles from the turn point and if went a little further wouldn’t have made it back to the airport.  It was a character-building day.”  Gonzo Echeverry – EE

There are 27 competition pilots.  Today, we had 27 launches, 3 landouts, and all pilots back home safe.

Check out pictures here including aerial shots of all the sailplanes on the grid: Day 3 Pictures

Also, I will be posting the best of SSA Region 10 Soaring Contest in Llano, TX pictures here:  Best of Pictures

Elizabeth Quintanilla

Posted: 7/28/2010


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