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Central Texas Region 10 - Day 1 Report

Pilots woke up eager to fly and get started.  However, the Contest Director had to cancel the day before the task could start.  Here is a quote from one of the contest pilots.

Monday was the first contest day, but unfortunately the weather blew up before we could get out on task.  The FAI classes were first off the runway, and as we towed out we could see dark clouds and rain shafts off to our south heading our way.  As the launch continued, conditions continued to improve in terms of lift values and cloud base, but continued to degrade in terms of blowups and rain, with Cu-Nims building in all quadrants.  After consulting with his airborne task advisors the CD wisely decided to call the day.  Some pilots decided to stay up and fly in the local area, and there were some decent local cloud streets if you could avoid the rain showers.  The rain showers and T-storms combined to shut the entire area down by about 3pm, and most pilots were in the box by 4pm.  – Frank Paynter

One interesting fact is there were 14 takeoffs and 15 landings.  I was really happy to see Fault Line Flyers club glider 85S a 2-33 land safely before the rains started at the airport.  We look forward to giving some really scenic demo rides to some of the locals.

 Check out pictures here:  Day 1 Pictures

Also, I will be posting the best of SSA Region 10 Soaring Contest in Llano, TX pictures here: Best of Region 10 Pictures

Elizabeth Quintanilla

Posted: 7/27/2010


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