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Central Texas Region 10 - Practice Day Report

Even though I’ve been a glider pilot for nearly 14 years, SSA Region 10 is the first glider competition that I have ever attended and look forward to bringing you the news from the contest. 

Winds were light and out of the South East.  The practice day was a good soaring day.   Competition Director, Rich Schaefer, called a 2 task for the practice day.  We have two classes FAI and Sports.  Opinions of the day from most of the pilots were "challenging but fun!"  We did have four land outs but all the planes came back safely.

By the way, both the Airport manager and the people of Llano, TX are very friendly and this a good spot to spend a week.

Check out pictures here:  Practice Day Pictures

Also, I will be posting the best of SSA Region 10 Soaring Contest in Llano, TX pictures here: Best of Region 10 Pictures

Elizabeth Quintanilla

Posted: 7/27/2010


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