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Region 9 North - Day 5 Report

Racing Fans,

This morning found the TFR that we have been dealing with the last three days still in place, so we were faced with the same restrictions on the drop zone and task area. 

The morning meeting started with giving out a "punch ball" to Lynn Alley, 2KA, to punch out his frustrations over his penalty yesterday.  OUCH.  We also had a comment by Patrick Laughlin about how much support we have been getting from the local soaring club, Logan Cache Valley Soaring club, and the local FBO, Leading Edge Aviation.  His thanks generated a round of applause for all the volunteers that make this such a premier soaring location.

The weather forecast for today was not very optimistic, with weak conditions throughout the task area; and the top of the lift at 12,000 ft.  In accordance with this forecast, we called a  2 1/2 hr MAT, with the only required turnpoint being #65 Mink Creek.  It is not the task I wanted to call; however, at the time it seemed the only viable alternative.  I called grid time at 12:45pm, as the lift was predicted to start later today. 

By 12:30pm, the sky was looking much better than forecast, and my task advisors came running up to the front fo the grid, to browbeat me into submission, and change the task.  As I was outnumbered 3 to 1, I figured it would be best to listen.  As Cu were popping all around us, we changed the task before launch, to a 2 1/2 hour TAT to #86 Sherman Peak with a 30 mile radius and #96 Willard Peak with a 20 mile radius.  As soon as the launch was complete with no re-lites, I realized the change was a good one.

The day turned out to be much better than predicted and the ridge was working.  The top of the lift was only 12,500ft, but the thermals were strong.  Combined with the good ridge conditions, we wound up having a good day with no land-outs.

It is hard to believe there is only one day left in the contest, especially with only 33 points separating Tim Taylor and Dave Leonard in the FAI class.  Tim and Dave keep swapping first place, and it will be fascinating to see who will end up at first.

Sports class is just as fun, because Jim Frantz is only above new-comer Bruno Vassel by 95 points.  Bruno's performance is made all the better, if you consider, that he had a missed turnpoint earlier in the contest. 

The best news at the end of the day was that the TFR ended at 6pm.  The bad news "may" be that we are investigating flight logs for TFR violations.

See you at the airport,

Charlie"Lite" Minner

Competition Director



Posted: 7/23/2010


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