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Wurtsboro Region 2 - Thursday July 22 Report

Pilots awoke to a clear blue skies and crisp, dry air.   Finally, a real soaring day!   Well, except for the winds...

With relatively strong NW to WNW winds forecast, CD Jackie Dougherty called a 3 hour AAT for the FAI classes using turnpoints along the ridge system with large cylinders.  This offered the option to use thermals and/or ridge depending on how the conditions panned out.   Opinions on the day from the FAI class pilots ranged from "challenging but fun" to... well... unprintable.   Sean Murphy and Bob Templin fell off the ridge over 70 air miles out from Wurtsboro.   Suffice to say it was a long day for them.    Gregg Leslie won the day, despite the fact that "I couldn't find a round thermal to save my life".    This left him with a commanding lead over Roy McMaster in second overall.   Charlie Mampe holds down third. 

In the Sports Class, the task was an MAT to Ellenville, then roll your own.   The fast guys mixed thermal and ridge flying across the local turnpoints,  getting close to maxing out the number of points allowed.   Rob Dunning made a strong charge, winning the day and coming up just 5 points short of the overall lead.    Paul Seifried grabbed a strong second, but Hank Nixon and Team Valley Soaring took a respectable third to hang on to the overall lead.   

With this day, the FAI classes have 3 days in the can for an official contest.  Sports Class has 2 days, for a devalued contest.   Friday's weather is not looking very promising, so this may be all she wrote.   Update to follow.

Erik Mann

Remote Weather Guesser

Posted: 7/22/2010


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