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Region 9 North - Day 4 Report

Racing Fans,

It's baaaack....once again we arrived at the airport to find the TFR still in effect from the Forest Fire.  To make things worse, a brief storm last night started two other fires.  This meant we were left with the same restrictions in tasking as we had been the last two days. 

The forecast for today called for slightly weaker conditions than yesterday, with thermals in the 4-6kt range, a cloudbase less than 14,000ft and moderate winds out of the southwest.   Conditions looked to be consistent over the entire task area. 

This gave us a great chance to call an assigned speed task for the FAI class.  We sent them to Alpine and then on to Star River Pass and return for a distance of 213 miles, and hoped that new fires wouldn't pop up and effect our task. 

For the sports class we called a 2 and 3/4 hour TAT.  We sent them to Afton, Cokeville, Sedgewick Peak and return for a nominal distance of 235mi.

The weather turned out to be much better than predicted with southwest winds producing very fast runs down the ridges.  One pilot was heard to remark, that he buckled in and held on for the ride.  Tim Taylor actually passed up a 14kt thermal and dove to run the ridge.  Lift went to 14,000ft, but few pilots wasted the time to climb that high.  The conditions were spectacular.  Today was the best soaring of the contest.  We are hoping for more of the same.  Many of the pilots landed with huge grins on their faces, and we only had two landouts, both within a 10mi radius of the home airport.

See you at the airport,

Charlie-"Lite" Minner

Competition Director

Posted: 7/22/2010


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