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Wurtsboro Region 2 - Wednesday July 21 Report

Today turned out to be pretty much a repeat of Monday.   Hot, moist conditions implied less than stellar lift to start with.   Mix in a  high probability of significant thunderstorms, and it wasn't looking great. 

CD Jackie Docherty played out the string, with gridding and some launches, but nobody stuck.   Meanwhile, large thunderstorm cells were developing in most quadrants.   As of about 4pm, the first small thunderstorm had hit the field, but by then everyone was safely back in the box.  

One of the great things going on at Wurtsboro this summer is an Aviation Academy.   Over the last couple of weeks, a bus has dropped off 20 or so high school kids (looking sharp in khaki pants and blue golf shirts) each morning for an intensive ground school.   Topics have included aviation weather, aerodynamics, maintenance and mechanical issues, regulations, etc. all leading up to taking the formal FAA knowledge test.  These kids are really into the topic and are taking the work very seriously.   Today was their day to get hands-on and participate in glider gridding  and to ask questions of the glider pilots.    It's really nice to see such a large group of kids taking aviation seriously.

Erik Mann

Weather Guesser

Posted: 7/21/2010


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