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Region 9 North - Day 2 Report

Racing Fans,

Today's weather was predicted to be very similar to yesterday's; unfortunately the day started an hour and a half later than yesterday.  Thermal strengths were a lot weaker and cloudbase was 2,000 ft lower.

Just to add to the fun, a small forest fire right in the middle of our drop zone and in the middle of our task area produced a 5 mile TFR; forcing us to go to plan "B".  Tim Taylor was able to contact the powers that be and got the TFR reduced to a 3 mile radius.  This allowed us just enough room to use our usual start point; however, we had to find a different drop zone that wouldn't conflict with the restricted area.

The FAI class was launched started at 13:15 and the task opening was called for 14:10.  However, conditions were so weak that my advisors recommended holding the sports class launch until conditions improved.  After several FAI relites, things finally started to improve around 14:00.  We launched the relites first and then the sports class.  This time, most of the pilots stuck, and we were able to open the sports class task at 14:35pm

Because of the TFR, we were forced to call a 2 1/2 hour MAT with a mandatory first and last turnpoint.  The contestants were restricted to turnpoints that had to be north of Logan to guarantee no incursion into the restricted airspace.

Fortunately the winds were light enough to not affect the task, but strong enough to generate some ridge lift.  We had many late starters, some starting as late as 16:30.

In the end we only had one land-out and most of the pilots completed the task.  We had a few missed turnpoints, a few missed the last mandatory turnpoint and suffered the consequences.

We are hoping for better weather tomorrow and at last observation the forest fire was out.  I hope the paperwork keeps up with the status of the forest fire, and we don't have to deal with another TFR.

See you at the airport.

Charlie-"Lite" Minner

Competition Director

Posted: 7/20/2010


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