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Wurtsboro Region 2 - Tuesday July 20 Report

Today was the sort of day where the CD and the weatherman earn their keep.   We awoke to a leaden grey sky and the threat of rainshowers just to our west.    The forecast soundings suggested a soarable day IF we could get the high and mid level clouds out of here at a reasonable time.  The satellite loop showed a dry slot moving our way, so Jackie asked us to sit tight.  Grid time moved from 11:15 to 12:00 to 1:00, but the brightening skies gave us hope.  Finally, around 1:30, the blue reached us, and with it we saw cu forming almost immediately.  It took another 30 or so minutes to cook, but the Wurtsboro Aviation team got the entire fleet launched in just over a half hour, and by 3pm both tasks were open. 

A significant percentage of the Sports Class fleet headed out to Ellenville, the first turnpoint in our MAT, only to find themselves under a small area of lingering cirrus.   In short order, about half the fleet was on the ground there.   Most of the remainder landed with only a few more miles.   Veteran Bob Salvo and rookie Nicola Gradinski managed to make the minumum distance and then some, with Nicola taking the win.    Unfortunately, the large number of landouts on the first leg meant that it was a no-contest day for sports. 

In the combined FAI classes Roy McMaster blistered the course at over 46mph, with Gregg Leslie in second and Sean Murphy in third.  The winners mostly strung together turnpoints along the local ridge, with the occasional diversion to some decent looking Cu in the Middletown Valley. 

Your scribe?   I managed to find an airport with a full-service bar and restaurant for my landout.  What luck!   Well... except for the "closed on Tuesdays" sign hanging in the window.   Sigh. 

Erik Mann P3

Weather Guesser


Posted: 7/20/2010


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