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Region 9 North - Day 1 Report

Racing Fans,

After a great dinner provided and cooked by Scott Weaver, proprietor of Leading Edge Aviation, at our contest headquarters; we were all ready for the first contest day.  The first order of the day was the mandatory pilots meeting which   was postponed last evening due to numerous landouts on the practice day.

The weather forecast called for a blue day with winds out of the north/northwest.  Top of the lift was called to be 14,000ft with thermals in the 4-6kt. range.  As predicted, the only Cu was way east of the airport.

We called a 2 1/2 hour TAT running north and south allowing the pilots to experience the wonderful ridge lift that Logan offers.  Anyone who has experienced ridge soaring, knows the joy that comes from a ridge that is "working." The Wasatch ridge was definitely working today.

After numerous landouts yesterday, it was wondeful to see everyone finish the task today.  Conditions were pretty close to those predicted this morning by our knowledgeable weatherman, Lynn Alley.

We are expecting similar conditions tomorrow.

Charlie "Lite" Minner

Competition Director


Posted: 7/19/2010


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