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Wurtsboro Region 2 - Monday July 19 Report

We tried to find a way to get in a day, but no luck.  The soundings and model outputs showed a juicy airmass with decent instability.  Unfortunately, it was pretty clear that once it convected, the day would blow up.   And blow up it did.  The first isolated T-Storms marched through the area around 3 pm local, while a few of the hard core guys were up trying to find a way to make a day of it.   All were on the ground in short order, and the last wings went in the trailers as the rain began to fall.    

Weather for the week still looks decent, so spirits remain high and optimism prevails. 

A quick word on the winner's talks from yesterday.   Calvin Mampe set a new standard for brevity (outdoing even the taciturn John Seymour).  To quote Calvin: "We came.  We saw.  We conquered."     Oh, so that's how you did it...

Erik Mann (P3)

Weather Guesser

Posted: 7/19/2010


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