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Region 9 North - Practice Day Report

Racing Fans,

We're here in beautiful Logan, Utah surrounded by unbelievable beauty in all directions.  The airport here is huge with the tie down area capable of holding at least 100 gliders along an unused runway.

We've had a few of the usual practice day hang-ups but overall the day went well.  We flew a 2 1/2hr. TAT with two turnpoints.  Cloudbases were as high as 16,000 ft. with strong thermals. There was a little over-development later in the day with a few showers and some virga that trapped several pilots and resulted in six landouts.

It looks like we'll have to combine the FAI classes into one class with the appropriate handicaps.  We have a large sports class. 

Today Tim Taylor rode in Jim Frantz's back seat.  Two powerhouse pilots from opposite sides of the country, make a dynamic duo!  Clay Thomas is back with us in the racing family and it is really good to see him. Alfonso Ossorio brought a couple of pilots with him in SSB, and one of the pilots is a German National, Robert Kirmse, who is excited to try his hand at "ridge soaring".  Well here in Logan, he will certainly get his fill!

It's unusually hot here in the  90's and we're looking forward to good soaring the rest of the contest.

See you at the airport

Charlie "Lite" Minner

Competition Director


Posted: 7/18/2010


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