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Region 8 Championships - Day 3 Report

July 2 – Contest Day 3

With the jetstream looping south of Ephrata, temperatures kept cool and some of the moisture moved out.  The forecast called for 3-5 kts with cloudbases at 7-8,000 ft., with a chance of overdevelopment.  A 3-hr TAT was called for both classes from Ephrata to Chelan (20 mi), Kramer Ranch (20 mi), Grand Coulee (20 mi) and return for a nominal distance of 218 miles.

At launch, the sky was full of cumulus at 6,000 ft.  By the time the start gate opened for the 15m/Std Class, cloudbases varied from 7,000 to 8,500 in the start cylinder.  Conditions out on course turned out to be very challenging.  With a moisture layer at 9,000 ft filling in with cloud, large areas of the task area were blanked out, forcing pilots to chase the sunny spots.

The winner in the Sports Class was Keith Purves, flying an ASW-17 with a raw/handicapped speed of 66/57 mph.  The 15m/Std class winner was Steve Northcraft with a speed of 69 mph.  There were two landouts.

After the flying, another wonderful dinner was prepared by Becky Newgard and served to the pilots, crew and contest workers. 

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Posted: 7/2/2010


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