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Region 8 Championships - Day 2 Report

June 30 – Contest Day 2

The forecast this morning showed good conditions to the north and northeast.  Overnight, the surface and upper air temperatures had cooled down 10-15 degrees F.  A concern was upper level moisture causing cirrus to weaken the thermals.  The task was set for a 3 hour TAT with Anderson (20 mi), Creston (20 mi) and Mansfield (15 mi) for both classes.  The distances were 198 nominal, 107 min. and 298 max.  By the time launching started, the cirrus started to cover the sky, but we were getting to the top of the 8,000 ft gate before starting.  On course, lighter areas of cirrus allowed for 6-8 kt thermals.  By the end of the day, all of the competitors made it home.

The winners were Stu Larimore in the 15m/Std class with a speed of 65.5 mph and Tim Martin with a raw/handicapped speed of 61.3/55.8 mph.

Posted: 7/1/2010


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