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Region 8 Championships - Day 1 Report

Contest Day 1 – June 28

The jetstream will be a recurring factor in this contest.  For the last few weeks, it has been shifting between the Oregon and British Columbian coasts and it doesn’t appear to be stabilizing.  The task committee reviewed the weather (again clear in the task area) and tasked both classes (15m/Standard, Sports) with a Turn Area Task (TAT) to Mansfield, Kramer, US 2 and return.

When the group was gridded, the weather showed that the area north and west of Ephrata was where the clouds were and the tasks were set to 2.5 hr TAT for 15m/Std of Waterville (15 mi), Nilles Corner (20 mi), Beezley (5 mi) and return (124 mi nominal).  Sports Class was assigned a 2 hr TAT to Waterville (15 mi), Nilles Corner (20 mi) and return (115 mi nominal).  Fastest in the Sports Class was Tim Martin with a raw/handicapped speed of 67.4/61.4 mph.  Fastest in the 15m/Std Class was Mike Newgard with a speed of 65 mph.  There were no landouts.

Posted: 7/1/2010


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