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Region 8 Championships - June 29 Report

June 29 – Day Scrubbed

The jetstream continued to dominate the weather pattern at Ephrata.  A wave of cirrus was pushing in from the west and warm air was being drawn up from central Oregon.  The resulting forecast was for a weak day if the temperature rose to its forecast temps.  The task committee put off declaring a task until noon due to the weakness of the forecast. 

Right after the pilot’s meeting, a grass fire southwest of the airport had smoke going up to 1000’ and leveling off.  At noon, the cirrus was over the plateau north of the airport (release area) and the day was cancelled.

In the evening, Becky and Mike Newgard hosted a fundraising dinner for the Seattle Glider Council Foundation.  The menu was barbecued ribs and chicken, homemade pesto and potato salad and cole slaw, chocolate brownies and ice cream for dessert. 

Posted: 6/29/2010


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